Real Estate Meets Artificial Intelligence

7square empowers your real estate platform
         With real time insights and analytics.

Unique Competitive Advantage

AI Analysis &
Value Estimation

Detailed Geolocation and Demographic

AI-Powered Comparative Analysis

Increase conversion and traffic rates

Our partners use our technology to offer delightful experiences to their end users with robust functionalities that yield increased conversions. 7Square constantly analyzes assets in Canada to reveal current and future trends. This enables your end users to make decisions informed by an asset's true current market value while everyone else relies on approximations and economic value calculations.

How it works

Utilizing over hundred sources of data ranging from past sales, urban data, demographic data, social media, and satellite imaging, 7Square uses its Artificial Intelligence Technology to process this data using machine learning models.

  • Display detailed geoloation and demographic analytics.
  • Exploit price anomalies.
  • Extra deal scrutiny through AI-sourced insights.

Attract and cultivate

Our APIs contain more than just data. When you work with our API’s you are receiving clean and standardized analytics. Depending on your use case, our data is ready for public usage, or internal support of your own analysis.

Our Partners